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Discover why so many physicians look to Diederich Healthcare for their medical malpractice insurance solutions. Diederich Healthcare has been a leading provider of medical malpractice insurance for physicians for almost 40 years. Consistent with Diederich’s mission statement , our goal is to deliver cost effective, quality insurance protection to our physician clients and on a continuing basis focus on their best interests. The highly acclaimed staff of Diederich Healthcare understands the difficulties physicians are experiencing. Moreover, they work diligently for physicians to develop best solutions. It is important for you as a prospective physician client to understand exactly how we can help you.

Diederich Healthcare provides consultation on coverage from any carrier offering medical malpractice insurance to physicians. This allows us to focus on developing a program best suiting your individual needs as compared to only offering one carrier. Many of your hassles are eliminated by providing you the opportunity to explore all options by using us as a single source.

Diederich Healthcare’s network of over two-hundred contracted insurance affiliates assures healthcare clients greater portability, market accessibility, and effective consultation. Diederich Healthcare provides comprehensive medical malpractice insurance and consulting services to over 13,000 healthcare providers throughout the United States , Guam , and Puerto Rico . Through Diederich’s (7) U.S. regional offices and multiple sales and service centers, the company strives to provide superior client services.

Diederich Healthcare is constantly monitoring legislation and analyzing marketplace conditions seeking viable, long term, stable, opportunities to deliver to our clients. This continual evaluation, although daunting, is necessary to protect our physician clients, as well as our organization, from unscrupulous short-term opportunities. This process is led by our senior management in conjunction with in-house general counsel. These are vital services Diederich Healthcare provides its physician clients.

Diederich Healthcare, prior to each policy renewal, and more frequently based on market/situational changes, reviews each account and policy by conducting a thorough analysis of the physician client’s policy(s) to determine options for renewal coverage. These options are then presented to the physician with our recommendation. This is accomplished prior to renewal in order to avert last minute decision making.

"Thank you so much for taking the time out from your busy schedule to talk to my husband and me. Your thoughtfulness and kindness is the most wonderful thing that anyone has done for us in a long time. Your suggestions are awesome. We will certainly follow through with them and see where it leads us, Thank you again for all your efforts."

− J.V. , MD

"I see Diederich as a wonderful resource for me in my role as Physician Services Manager at ----Memorial Hospital. When doctors come to me with questions regarding medical malpractice insurance at my hospital, I can always count on Diederich to help me find the right answers. In addition, they have helped our hospital greatly throughout the recruitment process in helping new physicians to discover all of their med mal insurance options. Diederich makes me look good!"

− T.B. , Manager, Physician Services

"We had originally applied through the other broker as she was simply a contact for our corporate health insurance and we had much difficulty finding an experienced malpractice broker. She had never brokered a locum tenens policy and it took us several weeks to get the answers we needed. We simply felt that our needs were not being met. When we finally found you, you were able to answer our questions within a few minutes and were able to give us guidance as to how the policies work. The other broker was simply not up to speed on handling this type of insurance and the delay caused numerous internal problems. We want you to represent us because we feel you are much more experienced with the carriers and educating us as your clients. We just do not have the same comfort level with the other broker when it comes to malpractice."

− Administrator - Medical Staffing Organization