About Diederich Healthcare

Adding to the business founded in 1949, Richard M. Diederich began early on to specialize in the placement of medical malpractice insurance. This area of specialization was later developed into a subsidiary known as Diederich Healthcare to better serve members of the healthcare industry. Coverage is now available for physicians and other healthcare professionals, clinics, surgical centers, hospitals, and not-for-profit organizations.

After joining Diederich Insurance in 1993, Jeffrey M. Diederich was named President & CEO in 2002. Jeffrey M. Diederich has led the aggressive corporate reorganization and ongoing expansion program which included further specialization in professional liability insurance. Jeffrey M. Diederich has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous hospitals, clinics, associations, and other healthcare organization meetings. His presentations have included such topics as Professional Liability Insurance For Today’s Physicians And Surgeons , Reducing Your Premiums , and Making Sound Decisions Regarding Professional Liability Insurance . Diederich’s senior management has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of professional liability insurance and the healthcare industry.

The Diederich Group of Companies currently consists of a parent entity, Diederich, Inc. whose subsidiaries include Diederich Insurance Agency, LLC, Diederich Insurance Consulting, Inc., Diederich Properties, Inc. and various banking, and real estate development and holding interests. These various businesses involve retail and wholesale insurance services, real estate development and holdings, and banking.

Diederich Healthcare’s network of over two-hundred contracted insurance affiliates assures healthcare clients greater portability, market accessibility, and effective consultation. Diederich Healthcare provides comprehensive medical malpractice insurance and consulting services to over 13,000 healthcare providers throughout the United States , Guam , and Puerto Rico . Through Diederich’s 13 U.S. regional offices and multiple sales and service centers, the company strives to provide superior client services. As a leader in the industry for almost 40 years, our goal is to deliver cost-effective quality insurance to our physician clients.

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Diederich Healthcare currently has 16 offices in 13 states nation-wide.

Diederich Healthcare Office Locations

Atlanta, Georgia
Austin, Texas
Carbondale, Illinois
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati, Ohio
Denver, Colorado
Las Vegas, Nevada
Los Angeles, California
Marion, Illinois
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Sacramento, California
St. Louis, Missouri
Tampa, Florida
Tulsa, Oklahoma