Jeffrey M. Diederich is the Chairman & CEO of the Diederich Group of Companies and its principal. The Diederich Group is involved in retail and wholesale insurance, real estate development and holdings, banking and financial institutions, and consulting. The Diederich Group has offices coast to coast, as well as international involvement.

After joining Diederich Insurance in 1993, Jeffrey M. Diederich was named President & CEO in 2002 and later Chairman & CEO in 2010. Jeff has led the aggressive corporate reorganization and ongoing expansion program which included further specialization in medical malpractice insurance. He has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous hospitals, clinics, associations, and other healthcare organization meetings. His presentations have included such topics as Medical Malpractice Insurance For Today’s Physicians And Surgeons, Reducing Your Premiums, and Making Sound Decisions Regarding Professional Liability Insurance.

Jeff currently is a member of the Board of Directors of a successful banking institution and is assisting with its business growth. He is a strong advocate for economic development. He and his wife, Margaret, have established the Jeffrey M. and Margaret A. Diederich Foundation, a philanthropic organization to benefit our citizens and communities.

Jeff is a trained commercial pilot, having received his formal aeronautical science training at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. To better facilitate Diederich Healthcare’s business operations, Jeff continues to log several hundred hours of airtime annually.

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