Myles is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. In 2005, as senior in college, he joined the Diederich Group of Companies and worked at its headquarters in Carbondale, Illinois. Upon graduation, Myles was transferred to the Diederich Healthcare Southeastern Regional Office in Tampa, FL. He is now a Senior Broker with Diederich Healthcare specializing in Professional Liability Insurance for physicians and medical groups. Myles is a licensed agent in 12 states throughout the southeastern United States.

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    Medical Malpractice Insurance Market Conditions: Florida

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    The Medical Malpractice Insurance Market has changed drastically in the state of Florida. Over the last few years, the following changes have created the landscape we see today: Florida’s largest Medical Malpractice Insurer, First Professionals Insurance Company is acquired by The Doctors Company. Medicus Insurance Company enters the Florida market Florida Doctors Insurance Company changes their name to FD insurance to expand into Georgia Medicus Insurance Company is acquired Norcal Mutual Insurance Company FD Insurance…

    What to Consider When Adding a Physician to Your Practice

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    Almost every month, I receive an email or call from a client that would like to inform me that their practice is growing. Their next question is almost always, “What do we need to do to add a physician to our policy?” Items to consider: Is your practice going to provide prior acts coverage? If your practice is going to match the new physician’s retroactive date, you are inheriting the risk of claim for this…

    What questions should you really be asking about insurance carriers?

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    The primary reason for purchasing malpractice insurance is to protect yourself from a financial loss in the event of a claim being filed against you. Therefore, your number one concern should be whether or not an insurance company is capable of properly defending you. Questions to ask your broker about potential insurance carriers are: Is the carrier financially sound?   You can obtain NAIC reports from your broker to review each carrier’s financials from the previous…

    Switching coverage mid-policy period

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    Perhaps you received a letter in the mail offering you cheaper coverage than what you currently have, but you are in the middle of your current policy period. Or maybe you just renewed with your current company and feel you may be stuck with that policy, even if you have found a better rate. Physicians and practice managers often have questions regarding switching their coverage mid-policy period. There are typically several questions and concerns that…