Why Diederich?

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Discover why so many physicians look to DiederichHealthcare for their professional liability insurance solutions. DiederichHealthcare has been a leading provider of medical malpractice insurance for physicians for more than thirty years. Our goal is to deliver cost effective, quality insurance protection to our physician clients. The highly acclaimed staff of DiederichHealthcare understands the difficulties physicians are experiencing. Moreover, they work diligently for physicians to develop solutions. It is important for you as a prospective physician client to understand exactly what we can do for you.

DiederichHealthcare provides consultation on which coverage from any carrier which offers medical malpractice insurance to physicians. This allows us to focus on developing a program which bests suits your individual needs as compared to only offering one carrier. This eliminates many of your hassles by providing you the opportunity to explore all options by using us as a single source.

DiederichHealthcare’s network of over two-hundred contracted insurance affiliates assures physician clients greater portability, market accessibility, and effective consultation. This network further enhanced by our nationwide services and offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Berwyn, Pennsylvania; Carbondale, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; Lexington, Kentucky; Marion, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; St. Louis, Missouri; Sacramento, California; Springfield, Missouri; Tampa, Florida; Tulsa, Oklahoma.

DiederichHealthcare is constantly monitoring legislation and analyzing marketplace conditions seeking viable, long term, stable, opportunities to deliver to our clients. This continual evaluation is daunting and necessary to protect physicians, as well as our organization, from unscrupulous short-term opportunities. This process is lead by our senior management in conjunction with in-house general counsel. This is a vital service DiederichHealthcare provides its physician clients.

DiederichHealthcare, prior to each policy renewal, and more frequently based on market/situational changes, reviews each account and policy by conducting a thorough analysis of the physician client’s policy(s) to determine options for renewal coverage. These options are then presented to the physician with our recommendation. This is accomplished prior to renewal in order to avert last minute decision making.

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