Low Risk Medical Specialties have a lower chance of being involved in a Malpractice Claim

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Will a Low Risk Medical Specialty career choice lower your chance of being involved in a malpractice claim?  The obvious answer is yes.  The question is by how much.  A study by the New Journal of Medicine (August 2011) found there to be  a great deviation.  In the sample pool of over 40,000 physicians, the study found that high-risk specialties such as neurosurgery and OB/GYN had a 99% chance of being involved in a malpractice claim by the age of 65 where as low-risk specialties such as family medicine and pediatrics had a 75% chance of being involved in a malpractice insurance claim by the age of 65.

Below are a few selected specialties within the sample population along with the percentage of that medical specialty being involved in a malpractice claim:

  • 19.1%    Neurosurgery
  • 18.9%    Thoracic-cardiovascular Surgery
  • 15.3%    General Surgery
  • 5.2%      Family Practice
  • 3.1%      Pediatrics
  • 2.6%      Psychiatry

On average, during the study period, 7.4% of all physicians in the sample pool  had a malpractice insurance claim.  Whereas the percentage of the study sample having a malpractice related payout was only 1.6%.  Further, the indemnity payout averaged $274,887.

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