More Tail Malpractice Insurance Options Now Available

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Over the last several years, the need for tail malpractice insurance options has increased dramatically.   Even now, many physicians are unaware of how tail for your malpractice insurance policy works.  By obtaining tail coverage or sometimes called an extended reporting endorsement, you are able to report claims to the insurance carrier even after the underlying policy has been cancelled.  However, tail can be very expensive – usually twice your expiring premium with the incumbent carrier.  Furthermore, the incumbent’s tail offer is typically only valid for 30-60 days, providing a short window to make an informed decision.  The high cost of tail can catch physicians by surprise and make it very difficult to obtain affordable tail coverage in a timely manner.

Due to this growing need, Diederich Healthcare has added several new highly-rated carriers to our network of more than 200 companies that are able to provide more affordable stand-alone tail coverage.  By obtaining stand-alone tail coverage from another carrier, you are still receiving the same coverage and terms as your incumbent can offer, but typically for 20-50% less in premium.  Additionally, several of our carriers can now offer financing options or payment plans if you are unable to pay the tail in full.  Finally, we also have the ability to obtain 1-year, 3-year, 5-year and 7-year tail length options to fit your specific needs.  By utilizing our wide market presence and obtaining multiple stand-alone tail quotes, we are able to ensure you are receiving the strongest tail coverage at an affordable premium.

  • Typically 20- 50% less than incumbent tail quote
  • Can customize the length of tail to fit your needs
  • Financing options are now available
  • Available in all states
  • Simple application process with quick underwriting turnaround

Before you decide to purchase tail through your incumbent carrier, make sure you are receiving the most cost-effective tail coverage by completing our no-obligation quote form or contacting 800.457.7790 to speak with a malpractice insurance specialist today. Please click here to complete a quote form now.

To contact the author, please call 800.457.7790 and ask for Matt Thompson.

To contact the author, call 800-457-7790 and ask for Matt Thompson.

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