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Why do malpractice insurance costs differ between insurance companies?

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On a daily basis, I receive inquires from physicians requesting quotes for their Professional Liability Insurance (malpractice).  I am often asked, “Why is it that some malpractice insurance companies charge a premium that can be 25%-30% lower than my current policy?”.  The assumption is that because some companies offer a more attractive premium, that the coverage is not as adequate or doesn’t provide the same benefits.  However, this is usually not the case. In a…

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Does price reflect quality of malpractice insurance?

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Medical malpractice insurance is a major expense for physicians in private practice.  Naturally, it makes sense to manage this expense to increase profit for your practice.  Though if you are a physician or practice manager who has doubted the quality of an insurance company based on the lower premiums they provide, you are not alone.  The last thing you should do is choose an insurance policy based solely on a low premium, only to find…

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