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Change in 2014 – Oklahoma physicians can reduce practice costs with minimal effort

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Uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act and continuing changes in the delivery of healthcare are of significant concern for physicians.  Doctors across the country are examining the healthcare environment and taking steps to prepare for the impact that this anticipated change will have on their practices.  As a result, many are looking for ways to reduce overhead costs while maintaining the core value of their practice – patient care.   Medical malpractice insurance represents a significant…

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Tort Reform, Medical Malpractice Caps and Options for Physicians in Oklahoma

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Responding to continually increasing premiums in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, many stated enacted tort reform laws imposing limits on non-economic damages believing that exorbitant jury awards were the cause of increasing insurance premiums for physicians, and the imposition of caps on awards would thwart the growing medical malpractice insurance crisis. By 2006, 32 states had enacted some form of tort reform.  Oklahoma re-initiated tort reform in 2009 after previous attempts in the early 2000’s…

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