Medical Malpractice Insurance Educational Series for Physicians

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Diederich Healthcare’s Medical Malpractice Insurance Professionals have released an educational series directed at physicians nation-wide. This series of informational articles focuses on topics that are relevant to the medical malpractice insurance landscape today. The series has a broad scope, with the following articles being made available:

Diederich Healthcare’s network of over two-hundred contracted insurance affiliates assures healthcare clients greater portability, market accessibility, and effective consultation. Diederich Healthcare provides comprehensive medical malpractice insurance and consulting services to over 13,000 healthcare providers throughout the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Through Diederich’s (6) U.S. regional offices and multiple sales and service centers, the company strives to provide superior client services. As a leader in the industry for almost 40 years, our goal is to deliver cost-effective quality insurance to our physician clients.

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Jeremy has been with The Diederich Group of Companies since 2007, joining the group to handle direct mail operations for Diederich Healthcare. In 2008, he joined the Customer Service Division of Diederich Healthcare where he obtained information and insight into the medical malpractice insurance industry while still maintaining the direct mail marketing role he had previously. During this time he produced programs and workflows that would lead to his next title. In 2010, he moved out of his customer service role and was named the Inbound Marketing & Efficiency Manager of Diederich Group – adding search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and content marketing to his responsibilities within the group. In February 2013, Jeremy was given the title of Director of Special Projects & Marketing and is now responsible for the marketing department of the Diederich Group of Companies. In addition, he is responsible for working with the IT Director on special projects that the organization undertakes in the IT field. Jeremy is dedicated to “The Standard” and making sure that physicians receive the information that they need to make an informed decision regarding their professional liability insurance. It is his goal that every physician has the opportunity to work with an agent at Diederich Healthcare. Jeremy graduated in 2008 from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Psychology. He is married (Brianna) with 2 children (Bella, Cason) and resides in Marion, IL.

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